A Practical Course in Personal Magnetism : The Victorian Guide to Health, Happiness, Power and Success: Doctor`s Orders from Wellcome Library

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Finally, the secrets of natural magnetism made plain, in the 19th Century's delightful prelude to How to Win Friends and Influence People

"You are not the weak, downtrodden creature you have so long considered yourself, but a glorified, radiant, happy being!"

Drawn from the long-forgotten self-help bestsellers of the Victorian age, A Practical Course in Personal Magnetism presents a comprehensive guide to unleash your inner charisma and find success, in love, business and beyond. With the advice of the mysterious Psychic Research Company, learn how to effectively harness the electric powers of your mind to: 

- Control the Actions of Others without Their Suspecting It 
- Make Effective Use of Mystery 
- Gain Ease and Self-confidence
- Win the Affection of the Opposite Sex
- Appreciate the Value of Cheerfulness 

'Doctor's Orders' brings together curious and curative treasures from the unique collections of the Wellcome Library, London's world-famous medical library.