The Snowman and the Snowdog: Book and Toy Giftset

Book Price: 24.5 GEL


An adorable book and toy giftset featuring The Snowman and The Snowdog.The Snowman flies again...One winter's night a little boy is taken on a breathtaking, magical adventure when the Snowman and Snowdog he has made come to life and fly with him over the rooftops and across the sea to the North Pole. This giftset includes a picture book and an adorable plush Snowdog.This new adventure is based on the original story of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.Raymond Briggs is one of our most respected and beloved artists. Born in Wimbledon in 1934, he studied at the Slade School of Fine Art and went on to produce a treasure trove of work. He was awarded the Kate Greenaway medal and has created characters that are now icons for generations of children, including Fungus the Bogeyman, Father Christmas and, of course, the beloved Snowman. Raymond lives in Sussex.